COLLECTIBLES/GLASSWARE: Crystal; Stemware; flatware; Green & Pink Depression; Ironstone; Red Glass; Pink Milkglass; Bavaria; Bohemian; Louisville Stoneware; MA Hadley; Moon & Star; Salts; Dresser Trays; Glass Shoes; ByBee; China (Autumn Gold, The Cades Cove Apple, Creative, Royal China, English Garden, Forget-Me-Not, Trisa, Dynasty); Stone Jar; Wooden "Heartland Grain Co" Scoop; Ware Cast-Iron; Ice Tongs; Granite Ware; Longaberger; Boyds Bears; Willow Tree; Iron Fire Wagon; Pipe Stand; Tobacco Jar; Pipe w/Sterling Horse detail; Lenox Seasonal Figurines; Dolls, Dolls, Dolls (Collection including Victorian Princess, Award Winning, Handmade Attire, Brides, Mattel Barbie, Angelina); Rocking Horse; Holsters; Knives; Costume Jewelry; Corvette Collector Plates; FURNITURE: Brass Bed; Stepback Cabinet; Matching Chests; Approx 15 Wicker Pcs; Wrought Iron; Rockers; Small Corner Cupboard; Marble Top Wash Stands; Davis- Poster Bed, Dresser, Chest of Drawers, Side Table; Side Board; Curio Rack; Lift Chair; Writing Desk; Oak- Chest of Drawers, China Cabinet, Curio, Dining Chairs; Red Oak- Hutch, Dining Table & Chairs; Walnut- Eastlake Marble Top Dressers, Chairs; Mahogany Bedroom Suite; APPLIANCES: 3 Sets of Washers/Dryers; Refrigerator; MISC: Paintings & Prints (Helen Thomas, Megargee, Tamara de Lempicka, Nina Sparks, Carol Travers Lummus); Mirrors; Rugs; Clocks (Waltham, Seth Thomas, Welby); Several Old Books, Some Kentucky; Several Old Record Albums;

Prints & Paints Info:

Lon Megargee (1883-1960) Arizona's 1st Cowboy Artist. Called "Cowboy - Expressionist of the Southwest". Did Advertising works for Stetson Hat & A1 Brewing Co.

       - "Home on the Range" or "Cowboy's Saturday Night"        & "Serenade" from his "Saturday Night on the Ranch"        Series. Framed by Top of the Stairs Gallery.

Carol Travers Lummus - 2nd Generation Cap Codder, starting producing prints in 1974, with over 300 editions. Uses etching press and dips her copper plates into a Dutch Mordant bath. Her works are described as "Her elaborate lines portray Victorians and other foppish folks that have a warmth and spirit which forms coy statements on social conventions."

​       - "Nouveau is Better than no Riche at All" (Signed &          Numbered); "Every other inch a Lady" (Signed &                Numbered); "Contemplating his Navy"; "Regift?                  Fruitcake"; "Aristotle Comtemplating The Homer of            Buster"; "Sogni d'oro"; "1930-2030".

Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980) - Polish Art Deco Painter who emigrated to US in 1939. Know as "The Baroness with a Brush", "The First Woman Artist to be a Glamour Star", Most Fashionable portrait painter of Art Deco Period; Know Across 2 Continents. Noted Review states "The Quintessential Art Deco Portraitist is undoubtedly Tamara de Lempicka"

       - "Girl in Green with Gloves" 1929 (perhaps her most        famous; "Portrait of Miss Poum Rachou" 1933.


Friday, June 23rd | 5:00 pm
Saturday, June 24th | 10:00 am

Sale Site:     The McConnell Auction Center

1833 S. Main Street, Paris, KY 40361

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FRIDAY, JUNE  23rd - 5:00pm

Box Lots, Household Items, Some Furniture, Dishes, Some Tools, Etc. 


COINS: GOLD: 1915 $2.5 Indian Head Gold Piece; 1990 $5 American Eagle 1/10oz Proof Gold Bullion Coin; 1982 Louis Armstrong Commem-orative 1oz Gold Coin; SILVER: ROLLS of 20 Silver Rounds- (4) OPM Troy Oz;  (3) Indian Head One Oz; (2) 1988 American Eagle; 1990 American Eagle 1oz. Coin; 1991 US Korean War Memorial Coin; 2006 American Eagle Silver Holographic (Proof); DOLLARS: Morgans- 1880-S (Toned), 83, 84-O (Toned), 85, 85-O (Toned), 86, 87-S (Toned), 88, 89, 89-S, 90-S, 93, 94-O, 96, 97, 1900, 21 (APMEX); Peace- 1922, (4) 1922 (APMEX), (2) 1923 (APMEX); Eisenhower- 1971 (UNC 40%), 72, 74, 77, 78, 79; Susan B. Anthony- $25 Roll, (16) 1979; HALF DOLLARS: Walking Liberty- 1940, 41, 42, 42 (APMEX), 43, 43 (APMEX), 44, 45 (APMEX), 47-D (Toned); Franklin- 1952-D, 57-D, 60, 60-D, 61, 62-D, 63; Kennedy- 1964, 66, 71, 73, 76 Bicentennial, 77, 79; QUARTERS: Seated Liberty- 1854; Barber- 1899; Standing Liberty- 1926, 26-S, 28-S, 29, 30, 30-S; Washington- 1942-S, 44, 44-D, 51-D, 52, 55, 58-D, 62-D, 63-D, 64, 64-D, 65, 66, 67, 68-D, 69-D, 70-D, 71-D, 72-D, 73-D, 74, 76 Bicentennial, 77, 84-D; DIMES: Mercury- 1934, 36-D, 39, 39-D (APMEX), 40 (APMEX), 41, 42, 42 (APMEX), 43 (APMEX), 44, 44 (APMEX), 45-S; Roosevelt- 1946-D, 56-D; NICKELS: Liberty Head V- 1883; Jefferson- 1943-P, 78; HALF DIMES: Seated Liberty- 1854; CENTS: Three Ct Pc- 1853 Silver; Two Ct Pc- 1865; Indian Head- 1909; Lincoln- 1909, 09 VDB, 11-D, 13, 15, 15-D, 21-S, 24-S, 26-S, 28, 31-D, 32-D, 33, 33-D, 81;  COMMEMORATIVES & SETS: US Mint Prestige Set- 1989, 90; US Mint UNC Set- (5) 1989, (2) 90; US Proof Set- 1987, (2) 88, (2) 90, 91; 1987 US Constitution Coins (Silver $1 & Gold $5) w/COA; 1987 US Constitution Coins (Silver $1 & Gold $5) w/oCOA; (3) 1987 US Constitution Coin (Silver $1) w/COA; 1987 US Constitution Coin, some Toning (Silver $1) w/COA; (2) 1986 US Liberty Coins (Ellis Island Dollar & Half Dollar); 1989 US Congressional Coins (Silver Dollar & Half Dollar); (2) 1976-S US Mint Bicentennial Silver UNC Set; MISC: US Half Dollar 20th Century (7 Coins); 1976 Elizabeth II Canadian Quarter; 1982 Commonwealth of The Bahamas Ten Cents Piece; Space Castle Arcade Token, Park Terrace Mall; CURRENCY: 1864 Confederate States of America $10 Certificate; 1864 Confederate States of America $5 Certificate; 1862 Virginia Treasury Note $1 Certificate; 1963 $5 Red Seal Bill; (3) 1963-B $1 Bill; 1976 $2 Green Seal Bill (Stamped Charleston, WV); (11) 1976 $2 Green Seal Bills; Replica 1882 $500 Gold Certificate;

Auction Items may be updated before Sale Date!


Bill T. McConnell - Broker/Auctioneer

Todd McConnell - Realtor®/Associate Broker/Auction Manager

Sheila B. McConnell - Brian Doyle - Bobbye Gaunce

Tammy Ritchie - Roy Baber - Serena Brierly

Gary Pendley - Linda Boyd

(859) 987-3212        (859) 806-3212 - ID# 10943

JUNE 24th | Starting at 10:00am


2014 BMW X3 X-Drive 28i SUV

VIN: 5UXWX9C53E0D32881

LP: 446 WEY; 65,522 miles

Black; Automatic; Power w/d/s/m; 4 Door w/Rear Hatch; Cruise Control; Sunroof; Leather Seats (Heated); CD/AM/FM; Keyless Entry; Push to Start;  

2008 TOYOTA Prius

VIN: JTDKB20U683441353

LP: 366 JGJ; 154,994 miles

Gold; Automatic; Power w/d/m; 4 Door w/Rear Hatch; Cruise Control; Leather Seats; CD/AUX/AM/FM; Keyless Entry; Backup Camera;  

2000 LINCOLN Town Car

VIN: 1LBHM82W0YY875773

LP: 381 BAX; 61,232 miles

White; Automatic; Power w/d/s/m; 4 Door; Cruise Control; Leather Seats; Cassette/AM/FM; Keyless Entry; 


1992 CHEVY Kodiak C70 Dump Truck

VIN: 1GBJ7H1P1NJ104285

LP:  None;  152,705 miles

Red; Standard; 2 Door; Gas; Hydraulics; PTO; Dump Bed;

2017 TOYOTA Corolla iM (POSTPONED)


Friday, June 23rd (3:00 - 5:00pm)

& Saturday, June 24th (8:00am - 10:00am)

JUNE 23rd & 24th, 2017


*  All Bidders Must Register with Proper Photo ID to Receive a Number to Bid.

*  Payment is Due at Conclusion of Sale. Funds must be Paid in Full by Cash (US Dollars), Approved Check with Current Bank Letter of Credit, or Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover) w/ Valid ID. 

* A Convenience Fee of 5% will be Added to All Credit Card Purchases.

* All Checks Shall be Made Payable to McConnell Real Estate, Inc., Unless Otherwise Indicated. 


*  All Information Believed to Be Accurate But Not Warranted. 

*  Inspection of Auction Items is Responsibility of Purchaser before Auction Begins,  Regardless of What is stated or in Print.

* Announcements Made Date of Sale Take Precedence Over Printed Information.

* Auctioneer Has Final Say on Sold Items (including If Necessary to

Reopen Bids).

* ALL Items to be Paid For The Same Day/Night Purchased. NO Item to be Moved or Loaded Until Payment is Given for Item!


Option #1 - Pay with Approved Check & Item will be available for Transfer within Ten (10) Business Days. McConnell Real Estate will Contact Buyer when Title is Available for Transfer.

Option #2 - Pay with Cash or Credit Card & Item will be Available for Transfer as soon as Title is Signed by Seller or Trustee. Item may be available for Transfer as soon as Tuesday, June 27, 2017. McConnell Real Estate will Contact Buyer when Title is Available for Transfer.

Option #3 - Pay with Approved Check on Saturday & Come in to Office on Monday to exchange Check with Cash, then Item will be Available for Transfer as soon as Title is Signed by Seller or Trustee. Items may be available for Transfer as soon as Tuesday, June 27, 2017. McConnell Real Estate will Contact Buyer when Title is Available for Transfer.